The Mechanism behind a Golf Rangefinder

The two popular golf course range finders are the Laser range Finders and the GPS Range Finders. GPS rangefinders, one of the best golf laser rangefinder , use different measurement techniques to help you find the distance from one hole to another or other distances from one part of the golf course to another. The golf course has to be mapped on the device so that distances and directions can be accurately scanned, based on which necessary recommendations are provided. You may have to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to avail such services. On the other hand, laser rangefinders do not need the golf course to be mapped.  They may take a longer time to measure the distances but you can always rely on their accuracy to plan your course of action in the game ahead. Lets’ take a closer look at these two types of rangefinders that are doing a round in the markets:

Ø  Laser Range Finders:  The object from which you want to determine the distance must be in view. Once the target is in sight, you can pull the trigger of your rangefinder so that the laser beam hits the target. You can then take a look at the distance which would show up on the display screen fixed on the rangefinder. If the target was not locked properly, the distance would not be displayed on the screen and an error would crop up.

Ø  GPS Range Finders: For a GPS rangefinder to function properly, you need to save the map of the golf course from your computer, prior to your reaching the spot and starting your game. Turn on the GPS after you reach the course and wait till the map of the entire place in loaded onto the device. Thereafter you need to select the hole in which you want to put in your next shot. Once selected, the device would automatically shift onto the next hole in the course. You can also manually select the next hole if you are playing a scramble or tournament.