Intech Tri Trac Golf Push Cart Review


When it comes to buying a golf push cart, it is important to choose a model that will serve you for a long time, has low maintenance cost, durable, and cheap. One of the best golf push carts is Intech Tri Trac golf push cart. This article will review the golf push cart and leave up to you to decide if it’s what you want.

Although the unit features a couple of setbacks, there are also some amazing features that you may appreciate. Just like other carts, the Intech Tri Trac golf cart is ideal for any type of surface or terrain, thanks to its designer wheels and dual strut reinforcement. It also has anti-slide treads.

This golf cart comes with additional features such as a waterproof scorecard holder, a detachable water bottle as well as nylon bag straps together with buckles to keep clubs and golf bag secured. It also comes with an adjustable handle as well as a two-step folding for storing.

 Small size

One of the best thing about this golf push cart is its amazing small size. You will also appreciate how it collapses to fit in the trunk of your car. Also, you can get rid of the two-side wheels when you are folding the unit up. It only takes a couple of minutes to learn how to assemble the Intech Tri Trac golf push cart.

To conclude, the most appreciative fact about this golf cart is way cheaper than other models in the market. If you are in urgent need for a golf cart, and have a low budget, then you might want to consider this unit. However, you should expect much from the cart because it doesn’t have as many features as golf push carts on the higher end.


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