Check Reviews To Buy The Best Golf Push Carts

What is a Golf Push Cart?


Golf Push cart or as simply known as the Golf cart is nothing but a 2 or 4 wheeled device that is used by golf players to carry their clubs along. The original concept of Golf cart was carrying it along by pulling it behind you. But with changing trends, people now prefer to push their carts, hence the name. There are various models of carts available in the market for Golfing. To know what suits you the best while you play Golf it is very necessary that you check reviews of different models to know the one in trend and the one that comes in handier.


Things to Consider before buying a Golf Push Cart:


Before you buy a Golf cart for yourself, you should know the following checkpoints that you need to check in the device –


1.      The size and type of Wheel of the Cart matters a lot for its utility. The kind of terrain you play Golf in determines the size or variety of Golf Cart you need to buy. To cover a terrain of rough plains it is obvious that you require wheels which are bigger and wider and rubber fitted. Whereas for narrow lanes you need smaller ones

2.      It is obviously good to have a small cart instead of a big one. But it changes to a bigger option if you require any additional features in your push cart

3.      To make it easier for carrying in terrain the push carts are supposed to be of light weight. But the ones that require wheels of larger dimension are heavier.

4.      Look out for a golf cart that is easily foldable. This makes them easier to carry everywhere.


5.      Being a wheel run device ensure that your cart has got brakes in it.



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